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Winterfest – Kindergarten

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Christmas, the festival that marks the birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated under the banner name “Winter Fest” by the Kindergarteners of PSNLO on 18th December 2020. Painting the town red, both the staff and students came dressed in red coloured outfits with Santa Claus cap and spread the message of joy and happiness. It was a joyous occasion where the class teacher began the event with an introductory talk on Christmas. Children watched a video on Birth of Christ and spoke about the birth of Christ. Some of them spoke about Christmas. The day was made more fun-filled by the children dancing and singing to the tune of Jingle bells. A few students read aloud their “Letter to Santa Claus” and they enjoyed making a Snowman, Santa’s face on a paper plate and a Christmas tree as the activities of the day. Finally the day ended on a delicious note where the children enjoyed their first virtual class party with snacks and juices.