Presidency School


Professionally qualified, dedicated and friendly teachers!
One of the greatest factors behind the success of the Presidency School brand is our teachers. They have the right balance of expertise and attitude to mould your children as winners in life.
Our teachers are chosen from across the globe on the basis of their professional experience with multiple curricula, their academic qualifications, and more importantly, their love for children and the passion for sharing their knowledge with the new generation.
We provide a supportive and congenial work atmosphere for all our teachers. Periodic workshops and orientation programs, through our Staff Development Program, help in updating the faculty with the latest methodologies of classroom teaching and evaluation, thereby enabling them to give their professional best.
Micro-teaching sessions also help teachers share their best practices in order to help each other raise their skill sets and knowledge. Top-of-the-line facilities and resources, customized teaching aids and multimedia options, including the science, computer, language and math labs, aid the teachers in enhancing their innovative and effective teaching techniques.
Our Faculty List

Teachers List

Sl. NO Name of the Teacher Designation
1 Ms. Indira Kothaneth Principal
2 Ms. Shamshunisa C B

Head Mistress PSNLO

3 Ms. Melufa M M

COD Early Years

4 Ms. Anupam Saxena HOD – Science
5 Mr. Antony Douglas Jacob HOD – English
6 Ms. Meeta Ghoshal HOD – SST
7 Ms. Kavitha N HOD – Maths
8 Ms. Sheeba PM HOD – Art
9 Ms. Nuthan Shashidhar High School teacher
10 Ms. J Soniyarachel Gladis HOD – Computer Science
11 Ms. Seema Khanna High School teacher
12 Mr. C Nandan Band Master
13 Ms. Lillykutty Abraham High School teacher
14 Ms. Tara Stephen High School teacher
15 Ms. Anitha Y S High School teacher
16 Ms. Prabhavathi C HOD – Kannada
17 Ms. Chaya MG High School Teacher- Computer Science
18 Ms. Suguna G High School Teacher
19 Ms. Fatima Tahseen Primary & Middle School Teacher
20 Ms. Neena Nair High School Teacher
21 Mr. Rajanna L G Physical Education Teacher
22 Ms. Savitri J High School Teacher
23 Mr. Umesh J P Physical Education Teacher
24 Ms. Bhanushree T S Middle and High School – Biology Teacher
25 Ms. Nalinakshi GS Primary PE Teacher
26 Ms. S Leelambika High School Teacher- Maths
27 Ms. Kavya D Middle School – kannada Teacher
28 Ms. Anandhi S Middle School- Science Teacher
29 Ms. Ananthalakshmi R Kindergarten Teacher
30 Ms. Anitha P S Primary teacher
31 Ms. Anu Joseph Primary School Teacher
32 Ms. Aruna Rani M Middle School – Kannada Teacher
33 Ms. Bhagya G Middle School Teacher
34 Ms. Chandrika N Primary teacher
35 Ms. Chitra Sundarakrishnan Primary teacher
36 Ms. Deepa Philip High School teacher
37 Mr. Deepak Kumar T Primary – Music Teacher
38 Ms. Dhanalakshmi T Computer Science Teacher
39 Mr. Gowtham S Dance Teacher
40 Ms. Jainy John Mother Teacher
41 Ms. Jayasheela Deepak Montessori Teacher
42 Ms. Kaveri Poonacha High School Teacher
43 Mr. Kumar Sourabh Art Teacher
44 Ms. Lakshmi Mohan Middle and High School Teacher
45 Ms. Loma Latha PRT – Computer Science
46 Ms. M Pavithra Middle School Teacher
47 Ms. Manasa L Middle School – Maths Teacher
48 Ms. Manjula S High School Teacher
49 Ms. Mehrunnisa Primary teacher
50 Ms. Namratha Pawar Middle School – English Teacher
51 Ms. Pakala Manikarnika PRT-English
52 Ms. Poornima S Middle School Teacher
53 Ms. Pushpa V Kindergarten Teacher
54 Ms. Rinku Mallik Kindergarten Teacher
55 Ms. Roshni D Middle School Teacher
56 Ms. Ruth Saroja .D Primary School Teacher
57 Ms. Sabitha Devi M Primary teacher
58 Ms. Shailaja Salimath Mother Teacher
59 Ms. Shruthi Raj N COD – Middle School
60 Ms. Sowmya BK Middle School Teacher
61 Ms. Suchita N Patil Kindergarten Teacher
62 Ms. Suma T Primary teacher
63 Ms. Usha S Patil Middle School – kannada Teacher
64 Ms. V Rajeshwari Kindergarten Teacher
65 Ms. Pinki Chatterjee Primary School – English Teacher
66 Ms. Sowmya Jagadeesh Middle School Teacher
67 Ms. Asmath Jameel Middle School Teacher
68 Ms. Charithra N Counsellor
69 Ms. Pushpa M Pr. Kannada Teacher
70 Ms. Sooshma High school teacher
71 Mr. Prem Kumar Music Teacher
72 Ms. Sreelekha R Middle School Teacher
73 Ms Sharanya Special Educator
74 Ms.Shanthi Manjunath Co ordinator Grade 7-9
75 Mr. Dinesh Kumar Murugan PE & Yoga Teacher
76 Ms. Sucharita Thammaiah Kindergarten Teacher
77 Ms. Melissa Monteiro TGT-English
78 Ms. Jayalakshmi Hindi
79 Ms. Jaya Aptagiri Librarian
80 Ms. Renuka Librarian
81 Mr HDS Andrews Football coach