Presidency School


Academic Curriculum

The School has always stood for and promoted the principle of a high academic level of excellence right from the inception to the present. The high academic levels maintained right from the lower classes until the students leave the school, have enabled them to face the challenges of the outside world confidently and completely.

No expense is spared towards the development in the advanced fields of Science and Technology, Mathematics, Humanities, Information Technology, Computers and Art, among others. This has helped transform our students into knowledgeable and well informed youngsters ready and eager to take the challenges head on!


Learning is Exploring, Experimenting and Responding.

A walk through the Kindergarten will take you through a world of vibrant colors, music and activity based learning. Kindergarten is the foundation stage of the learning process and at Presidency we have laid a strong foundation to support the holistic growth of the child during the learning years.

The Kindergarten section follows the critically acclaimed Montessori model that adopts inquiry-based learning approach. This helps the child discover the world around him and instilling a sense of curiosity.

The curriculum addresses the uniqueness of each child and provides exposure beyond the academics. Mime, dance, music and field trips; sports and a range of hobby interests add new dimensions to the growth of the child.


This is the next rung of the ladder. Along the corridor are grades 1 to 4. There is a buzz of excitement and activity in the air. Following the latest pedagogical trends, the Thematic Inter-disciplinary approach has been adopted at this level.

The curriculum encourages children to explore their interests, as they move gradually from the familiar to the unknown. There is great scope for creativity, self-expression and social skills of adaptability and team work.

Since every child is unique, the curriculum is tailored to their specific needs, and provides exposure beyond the academics. Other creative pursuits like mime, dance, music and field trips; sports and a range of hobby interests add new dimensions to the growth of the child

Middle School Grades V – VII

Growing through social interaction, taking on responsibility – moving in the direction of self-discipline.

The Middle School – Grades 5 to 7, challenges learners with a broader curriculum, to lay the foundation for the High School Academic program. At this stage, study skills are honed, and concepts taught are thoroughly grounded, while group work and interaction with classmates cater to growing social awareness. Resourcefulness and commitment to work are encouraged.

Induction into the House system helps them to learn loyalty, and a sense of teamwork, while the use of the well-stacked library for project work, enhances habits of self study. The spectrum of extra-curricular activities gives scope for talents to surface in Dramatics, Music, Art, Dancing, Games and Sports.

Each student’s talent is channelized in a range of hobby clubs. Field trips and excursions are organized. Tests and examinations now become a part of the assessment methodology and parents are kept appraised of the child’s academic progress. There are plenty of opportunities for the parents to interact with teachers to assess the development of their child. All these are aimed to ensure that the objective of maximum growth for each learner is achieved, at this level.

High School

A stage when your child looks forward to a bright future.

High School is the threshold of what the future holds for the child. High school students are at a stage when everything they do and every decision they take, determines their role and success in society.

Therefore, the emphasis on academic excellence is the highest at the high school level (Grade IX-X), with intense coaching, assignments and assessments throughout the academic year. Every student is also given individual attention in order to help them achieve their highest potential. Teacher-parent interaction is encouraged, to help the guardians track and promote their child’s progress at this crucial academic juncture.

Apart from sports and talent promotion, vocational counselling is introduced to help students plan their choice of professional courses. Leadership skills and team spirit are instilled by involving the students in the school’s event planning and management activities.

An intense and progressive high school environment that lays emphasis on excellence
  • Emphasis on high academic achievement for each student through personal coaching
  • Well-organized academic year with strategically planned coaching and assessments
  • High importance to leadership skills, team work and vocational counselling
  • Amplified teacher-parent interaction to closely monitor academic progress