Presidency School

Kaladrapan – a riot of colours, emotions and frenzy

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Presidency School NLO unleashed a surfeit of talents under its in house production titled Kaladarpan.This event encompassed drama, dance, music and the works as parents cheered on. Themes that were specially earmarked for every grade were woven and inter connected with learning that happens beyond the curriculum. Grade 1 showcased Festivals, grade 2 highlighted the patriotic fervour while Grade 3 spoke of the grand Indian Mythology that all of us are proud of.

The myriad emotions that surfaced through the performances convinced us that we were on the right track.

Every student was put up on stage , who either sang, gyrated or compeered in the show.The principal in her grade specific parental address spoke on the themes and their relevance at that grade level.

The role of parents and grandparents in keeping the family, in ingraining patriotism and the delicate layers of mythology and religion, in the modern day world was highlighted. The parents were completely agreeable and also thanked the Principal for having brought to the fore the grim realities of parenting, which we tend to push under the carpet , under the garb of modernism.
The Kindergarten began its series under the theme ‘ Wishes come True’ with a little genie fulfilling every tantrum of the little boy.
Are the parents the genies who try to fulfill every wish of the child without analyzing the depth?
Lets all work towards a beautiful world , where every good wish comes true!