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As they say, ”Leadership is about action, and not just possession.” ,this was clearly the belief of the nominees contesting for the School Elections 2016-17 in Presidency NLO. There was an atmosphere of zeal and enthusiasm from the day of nomination to the day of election.

The school became the sight for a humongous campaign and was decked with posters and banners. The voters sensed the worth of their vote and assessed each candidate by their addresses to them.

Nagendra KJ, a tenth grade student designed an electronic voting machine using visual basic programming. The whole process was computerized leaving no margin for errors during voting. The voters had a whole new experience of electronic voting which left them prepared and amazed.

The system of elections, introduced in our school by our Principal Ms.Fathima brought about a fever of excitement and responsibility .The candidates contested not just for the posts but also for the purpose of learning and enjoying the process. The staff and the students too actively took part and made the elections a huge success and an unforgettable experience. Truly leadership was the quality that prevailed throughout the election.