Presidency School

High School

A stage when your child looks forward to a bright future.

High School is the threshold of what the future holds for the child. High school students are at a stage when everything they do and every decision they take, determines their role and success in society.

Therefore, the emphasis on academic excellence is the highest at the high school level (Grade IX-X), with intense coaching, assignments and assessments throughout the academic year. Every student is also given individual attention in order to help them achieve their highest potential. Teacher-parent interaction is encouraged, to help the guardians track and promote their child’s progress at this crucial academic juncture.

Apart from sports and talent promotion, vocational counselling is introduced to help students plan their choice of professional courses. Leadership skills and team spirit are instilled by involving the students in the school’s event planning and management activities.

An intense and progressive high school environment that lays emphasis on excellence
  • Emphasis on high academic achievement for each student through personal coaching
  • Well-organized academic year with strategically planned coaching and assessments
  • High importance to leadership skills, team work and vocational counselling
  • Amplified teacher-parent interaction to closely monitor academic progress